After heavy rain Saturday afternoon the Junior TKM qualifying was held in very wet conditions but after early sessions being similar Alex and his 2 new to TWM teammates worked on each sector to find the perfect lap, this enabled them to achieve a brilliant 1-2-3 in qually nearly a second clear of the rest.

Alex led both heats and won comfortably lights to flag, and was awarded the win after the final was cancelled. Alex has worked really hard over the last year and we are all so pleased to see him rewarded for it now!

Ian Sisson finishing 2nd and 3rd on track but a nose cone pen dropped him to 5th overall. All the while battling a strange mis fire which could be put down to the salt put on the Track Sunday morn. Without this he surely would have been with Alex all the way to the flag.

Theo Hesketh joined us for his first weekend with the team and immediately gelling meant he qualified a excellent 2nd and a pair of 4ths in the heats meant he was joint 2nd for the final before the meeting was abandoned. This meant he picked up the 3rd place trophy (on lap times) and the best rookie trophy as well, his pace was super impressive as he has still only been around the track less than 50 times.